Crime Scene

Your world: Filled with lush and colorful plant-life, sun and shade, songbirds filling the air with music, animals of every sort bedding down in comfort. You observe the peace-filled paradise. Each day, you awake amidst warm breezes and crystal waters. Dark, rich soil nourishes from the roots. Leaves and blossoms stretch languidly towards the warmth of the sun, perfuming the breezes with their fresh scent. With loving care, you tend to your world and every living thing within it. Whenever your thoughts roam into the future, it seems that your world could only continue growing in this way: full of harmony with the dawn of each day, full of hope as the dusk gently enfolds you.

But your world was not destined to remain so…

A predator, an inhuman monster, trespasses into your pristine paradise. His purpose is the opposite of nourishing. He does not even wish to consume the nourishment of your paradise for his own benefit. His purpose is not to consume, but to utterly destroy everything that you worked so hard to nurture. His goal is to violently uproot every seedling and disembowel every living thing that had been lovingly tended by your own hand. Every songbird that had filled your ears with music, their throats ripped out without pity. The many deer that had trusted in the promise of soft bedding for their young fawns, you discover them all mercilessly broken into unrecognizable forms. Every feathered wing of every fowl, snapped and plucked nude. Every sight confirms the revelation that your paradise has become the victim. Everywhere your eyes had been used to rest, now they shudder to witness the unspeakable crimes of the heartless monster. Your paradise, which had taken years to build, has become a bloody nightmare in a matter of moments. All that is left of your beautiful world is rot, decay, waste. No longer is the breeze perfumed with the scent of the greenery. Instead, the air hangs low with a metallic, bloody heaviness.

The monster is gone, but the consequences of his horrific actions remain. Let the clean-up of his fallout commence.

Can a new world be built where the old one once existed? Even if the paradise can be recreated, even perhaps restored to a point which far surpasses its former glory, the remembrances of the blood-soaked earth and the ravages of the monster will remain, haunting you, as a ghost.

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