A beautiful vessel, crafted lovingly with much care and attention, long prized and cherished, teeters on the edge. Traitorous gravity! It tumbles down, end-over-end, for what seems like an eternity, pulling my heart with it. A sickening sound breaks the heavy silence and a priceless artwork becomes a useless pile of shards. A period of … Continue reading Wabi-Sabi


The Helping Hand

Where am I? Not this intersection...again. So familiar...I've been here countless times before. The darkness, blistering chill, confusion, heart-rate increase, wave of panic...all unmistakably recognizable signs of the same crossroads. Which way to turn this time? All ways appear to lead to the same direction: misery. Will I ever be able to escape this prison? … Continue reading The Helping Hand

The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis While with you and experiencing your lifestyle, he was immature, undeveloped, like a caterpillar. Spending every day the same way, endlessly crawling through the dirt with other undeveloped and immature creatures like himself.  Always struggling in vain to satisfy his appetite, but never able to be fully satiated and content. Always feeling empty, … Continue reading The Metamorphosis

For Everything You Have Done, I Thank You…or, A Letter to the “Other Woman”

  For Everything You Have Done, I Thank You Thank you for all you have shown him.  Thank you for showing him such a blazing contrast to what I am and what I offer to him.  He has seen everything that you are: nothing.  He has seen everything that you represent: emptiness. Because of you … Continue reading For Everything You Have Done, I Thank You…or, A Letter to the “Other Woman”